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Jet Black Alley Cat | Dangerously Cool

Jet Black Alley Cat are saying farewell with the release of their final EP and single 'Dangerously Cool'.


The much loved indie pop / rock band are calling it quits with their EP entitled 'Mad Disco 70's Lovers'. Featuring all that we have come to know and love from the JBAC, including hard-hitting guitar riffs, powerful vocals and fantastic songwriting, 'Dangerously Cool' makes sure the boys who met in Nashville in 2014 aren’t going quietly.

“This record is an imaginary tale of going through hell, and what it’s like coming out the other side alive & madly in love with the experience.”

The dreamy rock 'n' rollers have been writing songs and telling stories of a fascinating youth for almost 7 years. After meeting producer Roger Alan Nichols - who is credited for working with the likes of Steven Tyler & Paramore - the band began their journey of fusing a love for rock n roll and the glamorized pop elements of acclaimed filmmaking.

Over the years the band have been featured on Baeble, mtvU, MTV Latin America, Music Ninja, were picked as a favourite on Lightning 100, 102.9 The Buzz and have been played in countless Journeys stores across the country. Latest singles 'Ready For this' and 'Paralyzed' have garnered over 90k streams so far.

'Mad Disco 70's Lovers' is out now


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