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JINXSPR0 | Love In My Pocket (Remix)

JINXSPR0 has released his unofficial remix of Rich Brian's disco-rap track 'Love In My Pocket'.


This remix combines elements of old school disco and soul with fresh and modern beats to create a killer of an EDM dance track (with a twist). The sound is chilled and the synth-pop feel is funky and unique. The rap section before the second drop fills the overall vibe of Rich Brian's original track.

JINXSPR0 is Indonesia's fresh prodigal export, representing one of the countries finest. He has a background in video and audio producing and is now taking the EDM scene by storm, with signature sidechains built within a unique melody take on the future bass world.

JINXSPR0 is currently living in San Francisco, California to pursue his education and career.


Listen to 'Love In My Pocket (Remix) HERE Instagram: @jinxspr0


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