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Joakim Lundell & Black Gryph0n | I Don´t Need Your Love

Joakim Lundell has teamed up with US Youtube-star Black Gryph0n to collaborate on new single 'I Don't Need Your Love'.


'I Don't Need Your Love' is pop and summer perfection. It has an 80's dance vibe yet modern and the vocal has such a great falsetto, the range is huge! The chorus is really catchy and the songs grows and grows on you the more you listen.

The track was written by the pair alongside a bunch of well known songwriters from Sweden. Joakim has a lot of songs top 50 chart in Sweden and Black Gryph0n has been in Viral Charts in every country as well and a huge audience on his Youtube-channel.

This feel good track will put you straight into a happy and summery mood, perfect for the day's we've spent stuck in isolation.


Listen to 'I Don't Need Your Love' HERE Instagram: @joakimlundell | @blackgryph0n


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