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JoelAtTheDisco x NIGHTINGALE | Power Moves

Toucan Sounds 'bootlegs series' returns with their second instalment, this time featuring collaborative re-edit single 'Power Moves' by two L.A. based DJ's JoelAtTheDisco & NIGHTINGALE, both known for their house parties and sunset DJ sets by the pool.


This dance fuelled track is modern, yet fused with a 70's disco feel and a groovy beat. The funky sound of 'Power Moves' makes it a must listen track, one that's perfect for summer and dance floors all around the world and you can definitely hear several influences from different genres throughout. A polished, solid collab by the pair.

JoelAtTheDisco is a Los Angeles native raised on the sounds of funk, house, soul, jazz, disco and hip-hop. He has shared the desk and opened for several artists and is currently working on several projects alongside DJing all over LA.

NIGHTINGALE is the alias of Cody Hidalgo, also a Los Angeles based producer. Strongly influenced by house and disco accompanied by live instrumentation, his unique dealing with staccato piano riffs and special placing of ad-libs makes his sound distinctive. He is currently experimenting with new sounds, song structures and workflows to develop further in the industry.

Toucan sounds is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York. Their mission is to create a hub for indie, disco and house music through events, releases and mixtapes.


Listen to 'Power Moves' HERE Instagram: @joelatthedisco


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