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Joey Reed | Social Spotlight

What's your name & where are you from?

Joey Reed. I’m from Omaha Nebraska

What is a unique fact or story about you?

Most people don’t know I have a twin brother that’s identical. Literally. He’s an artist, I’m sure if he came to LA we would be doing videos together.

For any TikTok newbies, what is it that attracted you to the platform and what is it that you love most about it?

Mikey Fusco (from abdc) and myself posted a lot of Choreography dance videos in the Summer of 2019 just to mess around with the app, and it hit 1m views our first video. I really love most about Tik Tok is it’s reachability and that more people can see our stuff a lot easier based on what they like. 

What has been your favourite dance or trend recently?

“Hit It” Dance on the escalator hitting 10M views in 10 days.

TikTok is famous for sending sounds / songs viral on there, which 5 tracks do you recommend we add to our playlist?

Hit It - Yung Skrt

Relacion - Sech Music

I love girls - Pleasure P

Tkn - Rosalia and Travis Scott 

100racks - bryan sanon 

There's a real community feel within the app, which other creators should we check out and why?

Iammikeyfusco, Tosha__ptp, and

We all started dancing together and growing since the start.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

I’ll be releasing merch soon! 

Finally, which is your favourite TikTok you've created so far and why?

This video has to be by far my favorite video to-date.

Mikey took a break for 6 months on posting. So before the break, we had a video posted that was so clean and so energetic... we still look at it today! Lol


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