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Jonny Glenn | Home

Pop-rock showman Jonny Glenn has released his track 'Home', inspired by the nights that you never want to end and the good times waiting for you when you're not at home.


'Home' is both atmospheric and enchanting, with Jonny's rich vocal and smooth tone shining right through. His sound is truly refreshing and lyrically pleasing. The beat is catchy and melodic, accompanied by a foot-stomping, clap along chorus and an overall dreamy, euphonious sound.

Raised in the American South, music provided Jonny an escape to another world where everything seemed possible. He could imagine himself in all the legends he rocked out to and by carefully studying their theatricality, Jonny managed to embody the same visual flair and high energy of 70’s & 80’s rock performances in his first sets. 

His recent releases have amassed over 2 million streams with over 30,000 monthly listeners and a solid fanbase.


Listen to 'Home' HERE Instagram: @jonny_glenn


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