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Jonny Glenn | Like Father Like Son

Rising Los Angeles based alt-pop newcomer Jonny Glenn has shared his most vulnerable offering yet. Entitled 'Like Father Like Son', the track is released as the focus track of his highly anticipated debut album '8', out next week.


The new single allows Jonny to get deeply intimate, sharing a piece of his heart and breaking down his walls. It foregoes any superfluous production and instead, focuses on the rawness and sincerity in Jonny's vocal performance and lyricism. Accompanied by just a simple, yet gorgeous electric guitar 'Like Father Like Son' is definitely Jonny Glenn's most honest, impactful and reflective offering to date.

He shares,

"My dad left when I was 4 years old, then I grew up. Just my mom and me. It was just the two of us. I'm so thankful to have as strong of a mother as I do. As I've grown into myself and have been taking a deeper dive into myself, I've realized how the trauma of being abandoned affected me. I grew up always thinking I was more mature than my peers (even though I was the youngest in my grade), or at least had to be. I thought that I was stronger than most. I had become the man of my house at a young age. An 8 year-old 'man.' As a kid, I had no idea how the events of my young life would shape my behavior through adolescence and into becoming a young adult and into my first significant relationships. I made a few mistakes along the way, some of which I thought were similar to those my dad had made and would lead me down a similar path. That scared me. This song is about that - not wanting to be like my dad. And not making any of the mistakes he did. As ironic as it sounds, by facing my fears and my past, I've been able to start breaking the cycle of acting unconsciously and have given my true self a chance of rebirth. No longer do I need to react in order to survive. Through this long process, I am starting to learn how to just be. That has been a true blessing and I feel like I am the closest to true happiness that I've ever been."

The upcoming album release sees Jonny explore themes from loneliness and heartache to self-discovery and empowerment each song set to alt-pop soundscape, featuring textural elements of R&B, indie folk and electronica making it feel both familiar and different at the same time. Jonny shares his most important life experiences throughout, combining pop with rock influences, often paying homage to childhood idols such as Elvis and Freddie Mercury.

His recent releases have amassed over 3 million streams and over 100,000 monthly listeners and pouring all into his passion, Jonny is prepared to set sail with his debut album aptly titled '8' based on the date December 8th - a powerful day in the cosmos. December 8th is not only Jonny's birth date but the death of the famous astronaut John Glenn (with whom he shares a name) and the assassination of John Lennon - one of his biggest musical influences. The album is bound to position the rising Jonny for success in the years to come.

'Like Father Like Son' is out now. Listen HERE @jonny_glenn


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