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Josh Epifanio | Self-Destruct

Josh Epifanio has released his new track 'Self-Destruct', marking his fourth single to date.


Self-Destruct is a highly listenable, hypnotic track - perfect for clubs, parties or just when you wanna chill out and listen to some good music. The production is sublime - heavy production elements mixed in with live guitar and bass, simply effortless vocals and a banging beat.

The track highlights self-destructive behavior within a relationship i.e. saying things you'll later regret. Even saying things in the heat of the moment knowing you will upset the other person. The song is reflective and starts off after the fight has cooled down,

"I'm over it, and I need you now"

Josh Epifanio was born in Queens, NY but moved to Charlotte, NC at young age. He became interested in music at age 10 when his parents bought him his first guitar. Advancing quickly, he started writing songs and formed a band playing mostly heavier rock and metal. Discovering he could sing some time in high school, he bought an acoustic guitar and started to write more pop songs. He then studied classical guitar for a year in college before dropping out to pursue a music career in Nashville.


Listen to 'Self-Destruct' HERE Instagram: @joshepifanio


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