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Josha Daniel | Alive

Dutch singer, songwriter, producer multi-instrumentalist Josha Daniel has unveiled his first release of what is to be an incredibly exciting year for the newcomer. 'Alive', via Enroute Records.


An insight into Josha's new and unique sound, the impressively dynamic 'Alive' weaves together fragments from a range of styles and scenes including indie, electronic and dance to create something distinctively unique and unmistakably recognisable in todays music industry.

Well-crafted, both captivating and passionate as well as an emotive and chilled (but never wound-down) take on your classic dance sound, Josha Daniel has created an effortlessly good piece with stellar production, hints of nostalgia and a mesmerising vocal performance which takes us on an energetic and exhilarating rollercoaster ride, soaring with lush synths and powerful electronic sounds.

Sharing his thoughts on his new project, Josha explained:

““Alive” is about the ultimate rush of feeling free. What if we could leave all our fears behind, will we truly feel alive?”

With a passion for producing shining through, Josha Daniel boasts new and welcome layers to his sound with the sophisticated and refreshing track, which is in collaboration with esteemed writer Dominik Felsmann, known for his 2020 remix of M83’s track 'Solitude' with Tiley.

Since dropping his debut album, 'Dream Of You', back in 2020, he has been looking to further develop, combining intense percussion with eighties inspired synths. It's clear that this is an artist who will not let the blurry lines of genres hinder his creative process, and with a track as fearless as 'Alive' to show for it, this process is clearly working for him.

'Alive' is out now. Listen HERE @joshadaniel


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