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Junodream | easy life

School friends turned 5 piece band Junodream have released their first single of 2020, entitied 'easy life' marking a step forward in the bands evolution.


Junodream have cleverly fused together a nostalgic rock inspired vibe with a more modern shoe gaze pop to create a killer, solid sound for 'easy life' - the result being a melodic masterpiece, with buzzing guitars and and atmospheric feel, as a backdrop to dreamy, mellow vocals which is lyrically fantastic. Although written before lockdown, the meaning behind the track has really grown in stature.

Junodream commented, 

“‘easy life’ is fundamentally about laziness and insecurity. Actively alienating yourself from the real world. Social exhaustion and anxiety can drive people online and there’s a safety in doing that, although you can inadvertently alienate yourself from the real world.  You put on a different skin online and easy validation will follow if you’re willing to betray reality. But the music has a darker undertone to it. How easy do you want it to be, before it consumes you completely?”

After leaving univeristy, the boys reunited and moved to a small village in Hampshire to focus on their music. 2019 saw Junodream release two EP's, boosting their list of admirers ad well as picking up airplay at Radio 1, Radio X and BBC Introducing, as well as influential Spotify playlist placements.


Listen to 'easy life' HERE Instagram: @junodreamband

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