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Just Discovered | 001

Another brand new section to our site where we introduce you to our newly discovered artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears over the last week!


First is new pop artist, Drew Schueler. A master of creating unique yet familiar songs full of vibrant vocals, electro-pop synth textures, electric guitar and programmed beats similar to that of Lauv and Lany.

He has not only written his entire debut EP but also played all instruments, produced and mixed the entire project himself.

He says:

“I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music. As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.”

Along with growing his career as an artist, Drew is a thriving songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, working our of his studio in Nashville.

Can't Say (Word Like That) is a song describing the fear of telling someone you love them for the first time, focusing on unrequited or one-sided love - a universal and frequent subject in pop culture. The song considers the anxiety of potential rejection from expressing true feelings. The song was released on February 28th of this year.

Find Drew on Instagram: @drewschueler


Next up on our new discoveries of the week is The Bergamont - an American indie-folk band based in Brooklyn, New York. The two founding members and songwriters are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece.

So many great songs have been written about heading out west, not so many about leaving.

Somewhere between the lavish lives of the successful tycoon and the struggling artist, is the everyday story of someone packing up. Quietly moving on to the next phase of life. Getting away from the lure of dreams and distant hopes, and into the harsh reality: what comes after the dreams silently slip away? L.A. attempts to take a look at moving on with a dimly veiled eye of reality - with an ever persisting hope.

The song "L.A." was originally written in the key of C, but in the studio was dropped to D to help deliver more of a crooning timbre for the lead vocals. Overall, the song speaks to the emotion of moving on. Whether it be love - or dreams - this song attempts to illustrate an emotional perspective where you have to let go, but hopefully, are not lost. The song was released on June 28th 2019.

Find The Bergamont on Facebook HERE


CHAV is part pop musician and cultural scientist, describing themselves as a creature from an alternate timeline who has come to our world to share their philosophy. A conceptual artist using the palette of pop music, CHAV bounces between saturated PC pop and post-modern R&B with a punk sensibility, combining clever wordplay and melodic suites.  Each song is a universe itself, complete with dazzling imagery to fully envelope the listener in a new destination.

In 2019 CHAV co-founded their own progressive pop label, Flat Pop Records, with their creative partner Rick Marcello.

The label was born out of their art collective which has curated a content series that showcases queer and POC artists, musicians, and creatives of all types.

London, Baby (which was released in December of 2019) employs huge melodic swells and crashing harmonic waves of vocals to demonstrate both lush self confidence as well as the anxious tides of change.  It’s a journey around the world on a luxurious jetliner that still brings with it a sense of urgency for freedom.

Marrying R&B, dream pop and neo soul, all wed by CHAV’s unmistakable poetic word play, the track is a romantic rendezvous with the self. Jump on the jet with CHAV and let it bring you on a journey to find yourself again.

Find CHAV on Instagram: @chav.pop


LODATO is an American DJ, Producer, and Remixer from New York who has over the past year, accumulated millions of Spotify streams and topped the Billboard Dance Charts with multiple #1’s. You can hear Lodato’s frequent remixes for artists on the Atlantic Records roster, on Top 40 Radio across the United States & Europe. He continues to receive support from DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Aoki & Dimitri Vegas to name a few.

LODATO released his brand new single - Good on Source/Spinnin Records on February 21st of this year and the track went #1 on U.S.A Dance Radio.

Find LODATO on Instagram: @djlodato


Andy is the musical brainchild of Brisbane based multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Martin. From performing trumpet with internationally acclaimed brand bands to playing leads in various musicals, the 22 year old left his home town at just 17 to study under the Australian jazz great James Morrison at his MT Gambier Academy after James discovered him performing in the remote community of Yarrabah.

Drawing inspiration from Brit Rockers such as Sam Fender and Catfish & The Bottlemen to name a few, his textured instrumentation and introspective lyrcial content forms a ready made sound for music fans across the world.

The first taste of his music was released on the 14th February and along came some pretty great feedback.

The driving and uptempo indie rock track Mess We Made was released on April 22nd and delves into the highs and lows of a relationship, drawing you in at every point of the song for different reasons.

Listen HERE on Spotify and find Andy on Instagram: @andyyyy_gram


Born and raised in Rome, Italy where she lived until she moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, Lita (influenced by her parents) built a huge interest in song writing and became inspired to create her own sound. In 2017, she moved to LA and began to work with incredibly talented producers and writers, pursuing a career as a songwriter as well as focusing on her own artist project.

After living in the States for close to 5 years, Lita's musical purpose has become that of putting Italian music on the map and injecting her culture and heritage into her sound through the use of real classical instruments, modern percussion, folk-Italian like melodies and at times operatic samples. Lita has created a cohesive current collision of her American influences and Italian roots.

Ciao Ciao was released on April 25th and the hook is entered around a recording of 'La Traviata' sang by Lita's mother as well as violin and strings to create an orchestral illusion mixed with a trap / hiphop sound. The song is about anyone who's had a summer love away from home, and is torn between staying and leaving.

Listen HERE on Spotify.


Freeman Young's first chapter unfolded in the city of Surrey, BC, Canada, inspired by everything from D'Angelo, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley to Kings of Leon and Coldplay. The merge of influences dicated the course of his creativity - for as much as Freeman Young roots his music in echoes of entrancing guitar, fits of unpredictable percussion, and a soothing smooth timbre, he also pins it to a singular journey as“a flawed kid”and boundary-agnostic musician. The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer projects a relatable story in bright colour on his 2020 Republic Records debut.

In 2016, he co-founded production collective The Expo Liners alongside lifelong collaborator Xander Miller and friends Franxo and Miguel Maravilla. Spending countless hours writing, recording and producing out of a house in Vancouver, they eventually uploaded a demo version of Young's breakout track 'Awreddy' to Soundcloud, generating an early buzz. Alongside Xander, Franco and Miguel, Freeman moved to LA and soon after he linked a deal with Republic and crafted his debut single Running Back which was introduced to the world on May 15th.

Stay tuned for more this year - @freemanyoung

That's our New Discoveries of the week...

We hope you enjoyed the new tracks we have found, be sure to come back next week for more!


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