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Just Discovered | 003

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



First up is Reece, who's latest single is an unabashed bop. Written with a newfound sass, and set to production from his frequent collaborators Trackside, 'BEAM' hits and floats with confidence and sexiness.

Reece proudly lays out who he is, how he feels, and what he wants. It didn't always feel as easy as he makes it seem in this latest tune. His music has mirrored his rewarding progression from the introverted soul on earlier songs like 'Alone', to the free and empowered artist he has worked so hard to become. His voice is seriously impressive, and he's not been shy in wringing it out from day one, to bring every emotion to his growing fanbase. 


In the years since his first single 'Ghost' debuted, he signed a publishing deal, moved to LA and briefly NYC and even had a meeting with super-producer Benny Blanco - only to find himself more lost than he'd ever been.

He made his way home to Virginia, pouring his heart out musically, mentally, and physically. This led to musical breakthroughs, an amazing weight loss of over 100lbs, and Reece really coming into who he was as a young man and artist.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @reecemusic


'Highs and Lows' is the 2nd single from XANDE's debut album 'Maybe Different Is Not So Bad' out June 12th 2020. The track is really personal to Xander. He says:

"I was in a bad phase of my life I didn´t believe in myself anymore, I though everything I did was not good enough, I heard so many "no´s" "you don´t fit this genre" "you can´t like this and like that as well" one day I thought "Maybe Different is Not So Bad" and started writing Highs and Lows."


XANDE, born Vasco Alexandre Ramos is a portuguese singer/songwriter. Born in Setúbal, a small fisherman town by the coast of Portugal. XANDE got to travel the world playing music with his band "More Than A Thousand" including tours with 30 Seconds to Mars and Papa Roach, but the band eventually disbanded in 2016.

Determined to continue doing music, XANDE started working on his solo project, and released his debut EP "It Is What It Is" in 2018. Recorded by George Seara (Shawn Mendes, Drake) and producer Filipe Survival (Rich The Kid, Pitbull) the EP was a departure from all his previous work with dark pop and 80's synth music as an influence.

'Maybe Different Is Not So Bad' is a genre bending EP with influences ranging from Sigur Rós to Deftones, from James Blake and Orchestral Music composers like Thomas Newman to Kanye West, nothing is off the table and everything is acceptable if it feels right.

Listen to the track HERE


'Like A Verb' is part of Australian artist Wilsonn's first EP. Written, produced and sung by Wilsonn himself, the song is a laid back but quite energetic funky soulful track, giving Disclosure meets Jarreau Vandal meets SG Lewis vibes!


Wilsonn’s infectious vocals began earning praise back in 2017 when he released his mixtape titled ‘Idiocentric’, which led the artist to be recognized by a number of major online outlets.

Turning heads within the Australian RnB scene, he’s gone on to further embed himself as an eclectic singer, songwriter, and producer, releasing his debut single ‘Even If I Know’ in 2018. Outside of his own singles, he’s also continued to write records for various artists. Wilsonn is rapidly cementing himself as a rising star of the R&B Renaissance.

Listen to the track & the rest of the EP HERE


Probably Feaji's favourite song from his new album 'Infinity Rings' started off as a wordplay on "rings" but the song went through 4 different beats to get it right and really made him think of aspiring to do great things.

"The track really shows off my ethereal hip hop sound."


feaji is a vocalist, visual artist and hip hop / chill edm producer from the Pacific Northwest and his album 'Surrealism' is out now.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @_feaji


Next up is The Colour Red with their single 'Disconnected'. The track tells a story about being swept away by love and upending your social behaviours. The single is unexpectedly actualized by the current situation we all live in, as we can all relate to the feeling of longing to be reconnected with our loved ones.

The song is produced, mixed & mastered by Pontus de Wolfe and co-written with Joel ”Ourchives” Gunnarsson who lends his vocals to it.


The Color Red is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is an initiative to gather creative producers, songwriters and artists to make music together and release it via this common project name, non-dependent of the ordinary way of pitching songs to labels or artists. We welcome this as a fresh addition to the current music climate, and hope to bring you some truly inspired pop music.

Listen to the track HERE


Next up is Grey Lee with his song 'Gemini Chick', released May 21st (the first day of "Gemini season". The song is split into 2 sections, as is the cover art for the track, which is a testament to the idea of the 'dual face' of the Gemini sign.

"The first part of the song is a pretty upbeat romantic story of a guy and a girl meeting (both gemini), discovering each others passions, and falling in love. In the second half, the instrumental is slowed down and the characters take on their opposite sides. The guy is nonchalant about the girl and skeptical/critical of everything about her but her vanity, and the girl is just trying to have a good time, more interested in getting high and vibing to music that drowns out the reality around her than a conversation".


Grey Lee is a 24 year old singer-songwriter born in New Haven, CT and raised in north Georgia. Although singing and songwriting is where his expertise lies, his artistry spans many forms; he's a painter, music producer, and is currently writing an animated web series about lucid dreaming in waking life.

With 10 years of experience writing and recording music and an eclectic cross-genre taste, there's a level of refinement, quality, and creativity present in Grey's music that is rare to see in his contemporaries. The release of his 2019 project, 'Gemini Season', which included his first official music video, was a small taste of what he's been preparing for 2020 and beyond.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @grey_gemini


Last but certainly not least for this week, Nicole has teamed up with Layird Music & J Prana to create 'Bounce Baby' - an upbeat pop song with an infectious electro-pop vibe that has tons of Major Lazer and DJ Snake vibes so its perfect for summer playlists!

She says:

"I actually recorded the song a year ago but never put it out. It took me a while to be able to stand behind my work and be confident enough to say "yes, I'm proud of the creative decisions I've made... I want to share this". Bounce Band was an opportunity for me to explore a bit of persona writing. The character in the song is sassy, fun and completely over the top. Unfortunately I'm not as exciting as her LOL! but the best part about lyric writing is getting to put on a performance and a big part of this performance is attributed to Lejon Lewis and James Robertson - the fantastic producers that created this beat and fuelled my initial inspiration!"


Credit: Noah Fainer

Nicole is an independent pop artist from Toronto who is trying to get started in the business and hopes to get her name out there! The tracks quick rhymes and additive vocal chops tell us this newcomer knows a thing to two about creating catchy and smart pop tunes.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @nicole_pants

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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