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Just Discovered | 006

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



First up this week is duo Valencia with their track 'Out of Line'. The song exposes the struggles one faces when reaching the end of a relationship. The desire to be 'out of line' is about giving in to the temptation to reopen the door that’s already been closed, and just for one night, dive right back into the past to try and get some closure. 

Although now known as the duo, Valencia, Jadeyn and Lou have long been making magic together. The two met during a summer program at Berklee College of Music in 2015 where a romantic whirlwind began between the two singer/songwriters.

Coming from different continents led them to explore other ways to stay connected during what turned into a long distance romance and they soon began making music together. Their return to Berklee together in 2016 to study and attain their degrees also allowed them to begin performing acoustic sets for audiences around Boston and the New England area.

In 2018 they officially took on the name, Valencia and began their professional musical journey.

Listen to the track HERE


Next is Bad Money with their latest single 'Ashes' which really touches home with the mental struggles that everyone faces nowadays.

"The lyrics were born from the dark place that can be a real challenge to get out of, and tells the tale of the battle faced. We are glad to write a song about it, more so because something good came out of this dark experience. The composition really reflects the mood of what we’re trying to tell, along with a really energetic bouncy beat to complement the positivity that "it’s all OK".

Bad Money are an indie-pop Duo from Birmingham, made up of Ben Williams and Jacob Jenkins. With a plethora of influences and genres submersing their way into their music, they have worked on self producing a collection of material to bring to audiences throughout 2020 which at the core remains catchy melodies, ambient synths, funky riffs and real stories with truth and purpose.

Their debut single made them BBC Introducing Artist of the Week whilst follow up tracks followed suit with multiple plays on BBC Radio.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @badmoneyuk


Matt Carstens released his indie-pop single, Why Him back in March of this year. The song is very personal with a universal theme – the need to let go of someone who doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate your love and uses you for comfort when other relationships fall to pieces.  

“Why Him is an ode to an old flame and her unfortunate taste in men. I suppose it's one of the definitive songs I use to vent about a specific and astronomically complicated situation I found myself in after parting ways with someone. Ultimately, if you're feeling a little sour or spiteful about a dreaded ex, this is the song for you.”

Credit: Marinda Carstens

Matt is a 22 year old singer from Woodstock in South Africa, who has quickly become a hosuehold name thanks to the instant popularity of his infectious indie-po hits and electric acousitc ballads that graced the charts of local radio stations throughout the country.

Having earned his stripes as one of SA’s most promising up-and-coming musicians, Matt continues to delight audiences with infinitely listenable tunes that tap into authentic emotions and demonstrate some truly epic song-writing abilities bolstered by the skills of a hand-picked production team. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @matt_carstens ASKLING

Askling's debut album 'Chase for Your Love' was released back on June 12th, together with the new single carrying the same name. 'Chase Your Love' is a fresh song, co-written by Maia Wright, with a contagious vibe.

"On another level the song refers to chasing recognition and fame, likes and followers -a part of the business that’s difficult to avoid and can be as unhealthy as a really bad boyfriend".

Askling’s releases the past year have been convincing and the collabs cool and conquering. 

Being in the music business since the age of 8, this album marks a new era for Askling, as a grown artist in her own right. 

On the album you also find 'So Precious' and 'Better' that gained national radio support in Denmark and Liar that got a spot on BBC Radio 1’s  Best New Pop. The album finishes of with the song that kick started everything ‘It’s You', that has now reached 4,5 million streams.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @askling_

MIBSY Mibsy's 2019 release 'Mon Chéri' is a reminder to put forth the effort in a relationship.

"Dancing to this song with your significant other is a good start!"

Mibsy was born in Switzerland, and growing up, her adventurous heart was filled with joy getting to travel to Africa during summers. She was wrapped up in various cultures and mindsets that helped define who she is today.

"My passion for music stems from my childhood. My uncle gave me a CD as a gift, which sparked into me spending my days singing Mariah Carey and Beyonce in my bedroom instead of going out playing with the other kids. I was lost in my own little world".

She got her start in music by posting videos to Instagram and years into her craft released her debut 'Mon Chéri' to share her heart with the world.

"I want people to dance and sing in their bedrooms forgetting the world around them".

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @mibsymusic DAHL

While DAHL is a departure from Cheat Codes music for Trevor Dahl, there are hints of the acts sound embedded into his solo work. He released 'After Ours' as a single last week!

Before he was collaborating on EDM hits with Demi Lovato and Fetty Wap, Trevor Dahl was making music on his own terms. With the rapid rise of Cheat Codes with bandmates Kevin Ford and Matthew Russell, the trio has also made it a priority to focus on their own creative endeavors. Going by his surname 'DAHL' this is a project to parallel Cheat Codes, but returning to his solo roots. 

With a hybrid of influencers from electropop acts like Bazzi and Lauv, alongside the lyricism of John Mayer, Dahl reveals his talent for being a jack of all trades; he wrote and produced all of his music. 

This project is the most candid the 25 year old musician has ever gotten, detailing everything from him growing up, to his serious relationships, to dropping out of high school.

 "It's about letting people know everything about me on a level I've never open up on"

DAHL's music will blend genres from electro-pop and indie-rock to hip-hop. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @trevordahl

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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