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Just Discovered | 007

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



Tipped as one of the hottest buzzing talents out of Sweden this year, acclaimed 22-year-old Stockholm songstress Maja Kristina has unveiled her new single 'The Idea Of Me' in advance of her debut EP, due for release later this summer.

On the track Maja noted:

“It’s about being fed up with someone assuming you’re going to be a certain way when you’re not. The production is playful and balances out the seriousness of the lyrics. I’m sure a lot of people have dealt with a similar situation. There’s a message. If you’re just in love with the idea of me, please fuck off!”

Last year, she made waves with the single 'Idiot', in addition to widespread support from many influential media channels.

Quietly amassing 5.5 million total streams with her first single 'No Fake Love' withinin a few months’ Maja Kristina cultivated a sound of her own with honest lyrics, personal songwriting and hypnotic hooks. As a child, music instantly called to her growing up in Stockholm. She grew up around her dad who was an artist songwriter, and her world was surrounded by lyrics. By 17-years-old, she landed her first management deal and continued to create.

One of her demos made its way to veteran A&R executive Eddie O’Loughlin and Founder of JV partner Eddie O Entertainment with Republic Records as a potential cut for Felix Jaehn—however, her voice suited it best. Released as her proper debut, the introductory single, 'No Fake Love' clocked over 5 million streams across the globe. Under the watch and wisdom of Rami Yacoub at Max Martin’s MXM, she honed this signature style further throughout the ensuing year.

Listen to 'The Idea Of Me' HERE

Instagram: @majakristina


Nikki Taylor Vibe released her track 'Games' at the beginning of June 2020. The songs speaks to rising above a bad situation or bad relationship and individual empowerment.

Nikki Taylor Vibe is an American Singer Songwriter born in Long Island, NY. She's an independent artist with hypnotic vocals and an ability to connect deeply with fans through lyrics that tell stories.

She started writing songs at a young age and has written, performed on and co-produced multiple collaborative albums, across several genres. Nikki has worked with numerous well known artists and legendary producers, placing multiple songs with established music labels.

Her unique sound is rooted in her formative music years working in Indie HipHop.

Listen to 'Games' HERE Instagram: @nikki_taylor_vibe


Mo Sella hopes to spread positivity through music and 'Talk To Me' aims to be a fun summer song and serve as a preamble to a final project, with a new album on the way!

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Mo Sella’s sound and style have been shaped by his experiences living all around the world - at 13 he moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and he relocated to New York City two years after that.

Now living in Washington DC, he draws inspiration from these cities to create a fresh, international take on modern R&B, blurring the lines between Pop, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

His debut EP, 'Stories of a Manhattan Apartment​ ' is set to release in July on all streaming platforms.

Listen to 'Talk To Me' HERE

Instagram: @realmomusic


BAXTR's summery debut single 'Bloom' which was released on the 18th June is inspired by the indomitable nature of a young female intern, is an ode to anyone who ever doubted themselves; anyone who ever had "something to say, something to do"; anyone who is about to 'Bloom'.

BAXTR are a new, all-female, D.I.Y, Alt-Pop trio hailing from London, UK, now residing on a morphing crystal ship in Dreamspace. Inspired by 80's pop bangers, kitsch 90's guitar bands and a smattering of Brit Pop, these women set out to make flamboyant, empowering and shamelessly danceable guitar pop.

Close friends of 10 years, the BAXTR girls have long shared the vision of being in a band together. In the mire of a cynical post-Brexit Winter and pandemic Spring, BAXTR - a force for joy and empowerment; a symbol of dreams unfurling... finally became real. 

Listen to 'Bloom' HERE

Instagram: @baxtrmusic


Kovic released 'Wires' almost 2 years ago but the track is still an absolute smash and definitely deserved a mention in this weeks Just Discovered.

Mark Kovic (Kovic) is an English singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in Brentwood, Essex, to a Serbian father and English mother. Known for his baritone vocal and big chorus’, his first momentum-accelerating single titled 'Drown”'was released in 2017, produced by Jonny Coffer & Mark Crew, and co-written with goliath songwriter Jamie Scott.

The track was picked up by the head music supervisor at EA and playlisted on the FIFA 18 soundtrack, catapulting Kovic into the biggest gaming placement of the year, notably joining the top 50 viral Spotify charts across a number of EU countries, and gaining millions of streams within months of release.

Listen to 'Wires' HERE

Instagram: @kovicmusic


Up-and-coming Italian pop artist Alessia Labate teamed up with Ryan Stewart, and a team of young and talented Italians to craft her new single - 'Something Special'.

The track is a stripped down, raw and intimate celebration of real friendship; the production is minimal and leaves space to the vocals, that are nicely supported by the guitar throughout the whole song and a hint of rhythm towards the end.

"I wrote it with Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Alan Walker, Simple Plan) during a video-call session and did the vocals by myself in the intimacy of my small home studio. I also made a music video with my best friend aka the guy that inspired the song."

Alessia is a 22-year-old Milan-based singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist. Born to a musician father and dancer mother, she’s always been surrounded by music. 

In 2016 Alessia graduated from high school and moved out to make music 24/7. Since then things started moving pretty quickly: she started travelling to make music, collaborating with producers and writers from all around the world. and releasing music. 

Listen to 'Something Special' HERE


Next is Vraell, who wrote his new single 'Borderlines' during lockdown. The track draws on a style from Jose Gonzalez with elements of Maribou State and Bonobo, with Bon Iver-esque arrangement and haunting vocals evocative of Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Benji Lewis.

"It's about isolation and being left behind by someone or something".

Listen to 'Borderlines' HERE

Instagram: @amvraell


Pop songstress Greya has released her explosive new track 'All Hell Breaks Loose'. The track is a powerhouse performance that oozes horror and thrills and Greya delivers with her emotional vocal and stunning tone, which truly captivates and engages the audience.

Ask 21-year-old singer/songwriter, Greya, about her musical ambitions and she’ll probably wax poetic about some of the songs that have become staples in her life. Then, she might say, “That’s what I want. I just want to give someone a staple.”

If anyone is poised to give someone a staple, it’s Greya. The Philadelphia native has been writing, singing and reconciling the ugly with the beautiful since she was barely a pre-teen. 

Now, Greya is armed with a bold collection of songs that blend big melodies, EDM polish, vintage pop, and avant-garde jazz. She is a powerhouse vocalist and masterful storyteller, and it’s particularly evident on her latest single.

Listen to 'All Hell Breaks Loose' HERE

Instagram: @iamgreya


Sub Radio's new single 'Clark Kent' explores the feelings of isolation, desperation, and heartache that so many of us are feeling right now, set over lush synths and intricate percussion.

This downtempo, slow-burn track draws inspiration from The 1975 and The Weeknd, building to an emotional climax. 'Clark Kent' is the third single on Sub-Radio’s upcoming EP.

Sub-Radio makes indie pop that grooves, stabs, winks, punches, inspires. Founded by six childhood friends, they built a following in their hometown of Washington, D.C. on the strength of ecstatic live shows and a stream of releases. Following a national tour in 2019, their 2020 EP, produced by Andrew Maury and Mike Kamerman, takes the band in a bigger and brighter direction than ever.

Listen to 'Clark Kent' HERE


After the successful launch of lead single 'Blueberry', LEX has released 'Stand Up' - the second installment in a body of short story-songs digging into both Lex's internal struggles and conflicts, as well as commenting on our society at large.

Born and raised in Westchester, NY, LEX is a singer/songwriter who has immersed herself in music since she was 6 years old-- spending her time singing and playing the piano. Her love of music stems from her Father, who has influenced her writing style and passion for various genres of music such as Classic Rock, Jazz, Funk, and R&B.

Classically trained at The University at Buffalo, LEX brings her experience singing opera and musical theater to the modernity of music today. Her rich and deep timbre gives you the vocal talent akin to that of Adele, while her lyrics boast a SZA vibe, hitting all the feels and packing a powerful, soulful punch.

Listen to 'Stand Up' HERE

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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