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Just Discovered | 008

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



First up this week is LHD with their single 'I Don't Wanna Fight (But I Know We Might)', released back in May. This marks their fourth single release and their first taste of new music for 2020. The band have once again showcased their dynamic and stylistic expression with this unashamedly - pop tune.

After the first play, listeners would think that this song wouldn’t look out of place on a Carly Rae Jepsen or Katy Perry album, however the lyrics contrast the sugary sweet melodies with a deep hitting theme throughout.

I Don’t Wanna Fight (But I Know We Might) is a raw depiction of those times when there are underlying issues in a relationship, but neither person wants to address them. This inevitably leads to petty little comments and a toxic environment, which LHD is able to articulate precisely. With honest and relatable lyrics that take the listener on a journey of a night out turned sour, matched with a stuck-in-your-head catchy hook, this song will surely be one that will have listeners wanting to dance and cry simultaneously.

LHD are a disco styled synth pop duo made up of Liam O’Hara and Hayden Smith. Based in Brisbane, AUS, these boys have spent countless hours together, initially as great mates obsessed with live music and now channeling their passion for art and creativity into their love of writing, producing, and performing.

With diverse influences ranging from Bon Iver to The 1975, LHD are already proving their own unique sound.

Listen to the track HERE


Scottish band Single By Sunday released their most recent single 'Driving My Crazy' back in May of 2020. Whilst out on a US tour, a three-day whirlwind romance began. Wading through the intensity of the encounter, discussions were had and the seedlings of future plans were made, however, the realism of being able to sustain the relationship became all too obvious and so it remained a three-day whirlwind romance.

As accolades go, being voted 'Best Emerging International Artist' at Toronto's Indie Week in 2017 is not a bad one to have. Not wishing to be pigeonholed as 'just another pop band', Single By Sunday are defining their now genre; melodic pop-punk, fuelled with catchy hooks, lead riffs and live energy.

Single By Sunday are one of the most exciting young bands to come out of Glasgow in recent years.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @singlebysunday


Upcoming Singer/Songwriter, Nathan Parsons released his new single 'Follow Me In The Ocean' earlier this month.

Nathan Parsons was playing on the streets of Australia when Felix Sterzinger, the owner of Aton studio heard him playing and signed him to his Austrian Label.

Listen to the track HERE


Canadian alt-R&B and Pop artist Chris Grey had his 'Reasons' when penning his latest single, fresh off his new EP, Falling Apart, released at the end of June. The single is one of 6 tracks on his newly minted EP and serves as a bookend, so to speak; it marks both the beginning and end of the relationship, all in one track.

“I wrote ‘Reasons’ as I was starting to realise I was in a relationship that wasn’t good for me. I couldn’t imagine not being with her, but the relationship was making me miserable. This song captured the moment I was halfway leaning into the relationship, and halfway getting out of it.”

The single is one of 6 tracks on his newly minted EP and serves as a bookend, so to speak; it marks both the beginning and end of the relationship, all in one track.

Born and raised in Toronto, Grey is immersed in alt R&B pop. At 18-years old, Chris Grey holds a burgeoning portfolio, teeming with both award-winning photography and videography as well as impressive production and songwriting credits.

He has worked with local indie artists all the way to major-label artists signed to Universal & Sony, including 88Glam’s latest release. Collaboration may be intrinsic to the multi-faceted and multi-media artist’s creative process, but the honing of Grey’s solo sound is the evolution to keep an eye on: Falling Apart was entirely self-produced, written, recorded and mixed in his home studio.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @chrisgreymusic


Anthemic while still remaining tender, ‘Away from Us’ is the sound of a band breaking into their stride. And though 2020 has seen the world paused, Cultures show little sign of slowing down.

While it’s clear the band are on top of their live game, one only needs look to this single to see where Cultures are at today. Three minutes of heartfelt indie rock that feels a far cry from the angular alt-pop of previous release ‘Flags'.

Frontman Josh Spivey explains that the track is:

“about the feeling you get when you leave home for the first time and find your feet in the world. I wrote the lyrics when I first lived away from Manchester about the people in my life at the time and the way they were rocks for me then. The line “you’re my home now” reflects that feeling of finding the person or people that you can cling to when you start out in the world”.

Bridging the gap between alt-rock and indie pop, Greater Manchester’s Cultures have been plying their trade across the region for the last four years, and their intelligent and idiosyncratic brand of indie has been turning heads and picking up traction ever since.

With an equal focus on both head and heart within their lyricism, the band have succeeded in elevating themselves head and shoulders above their contemporaries, something that has afforded the band high profile support slots across some of Manchester’s most iconic venues, including Germany’s Giant Rooks and Night & Day Café, and Marsicans at The Deaf Institute – a venue the band have since gone on to headline in front of a rapturous audience, cementing themselves as one of Manchester’s most promising new bands.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @culturesband


Isaacjacuzzi has seamlessly displayed his musical range on his new album, released earlier this month, featuring track 'Ooh Lord'. It's a testament to Jacuzzi's new wave singer/songwriter talents and gives us a peak of what's yet to come from the emerging artist. 

Seattle-based songwriter, producer, rapper and singer Isaacjacuzzi pursues a moody and atmospheric fusion of reggae with a modern blend of trap music. Influenced by his upbringing among his West Indian family, Isaac creates a unique sound while staying true to his roots. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @isaacjacuzzi

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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