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Just Discovered | 011

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



MΛD FVN is first up this week on Just Discovered. She released her single 'Skeletons' back in May.

"She knows the “skeletons” in your closet: the lies you’ve kept from her, the disguises you put on. You hid your true self, and now that she is smart enough to know better, you can’t hide from her anger."

After two serious ATV accidents leaving the artist with an unnerving awareness of death, she realised her biggest fear wasn't dying, but dying before the chance to give what she loved, whether that was people or passion. Those experiences gave her the gift of perseverance and perspective.

"I adore every moment of happiness, sadness, and everything in between, with music fueling my purpose to have a life worth living."

She says:

"Music has always been my saving grace, my true passion, and my ultimate talent. Since I was a little girl, gathering crowds in department stores because I couldn’t help but sing and dance to Britney Spears playing on the store radio, I knew I was born to entertain. From singing, to dancing, to songwriting, to performing, I was born to be a singer like a cat to tearing apart furniture (I know, because I have two). Music gives me the power to embrace every part of who I am in my darkest times to my best moments, all while connecting with people from across the globe. Since growing up traveling the world, from living in Saudi Arabia to backpacking across Asia with my best friend, my ultimate goal is to connect the most emotional, raw, human parts of myself with people all over the planet through the power of music."

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @madfvn


what a mess released 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah' back in May: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Live Drums, Upbeat, Jumpy, Synthesizers, Chanty, Male Vocal, Rock, Pop-Rock. Great for raucous or rowdy moments.

"We wrote this song about liking to stay inside rather than going out, but asking your significant other to pull you out to do fun things. In summation - When I say “stop”. Don’t slow down. When I say “no”. Just say YEAH."

whatamess is pop rock band located in Los Angeles, California comprised of songwriters and producers Stephen Conley and Patrick Viso. As a band whatamess brings high energy songs and performances while seamlessly marrying modern pop melodies to chunky driving guitars and synth sounds.

Drawing from a background that involved pounding the pavement in touring rock bands, whatamess' co-conspirators decided that the liveliness and authenticity of the songs that they used to crunch out in small clubs across the Northeastern region, could be refined. This refinement places whatamess firmly in the pop-rock genre, utilizing glossy production, live synths and drum sounds, while re-firing that same grit and energy found 00's pop-punk compilation cd jams.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @whatamessband


Dublin based synth-pop duo Flecks released their single 'Cinematic Heartbreak' at the back end of June. It's a story of love and conflict between two characters called Red Eyes and Big Lies and how they try to navigate their lives through heartbreak and their increasingly distant worlds.

Flecks are Freya Monks and Scott Halliday who have been writing songs together since 2012, sharing their love of writing and production. Their music is heavily inspired by 80's movies, classic synth-pop and dark, atmospheric film scores.

In 2016, Flecks released their debut EP entitled ‘Girl’, which was recorded, produced and mixed by Scott in their studio in Dublin. It was greatly received, gaining international radio play and landing a placement in TV drama ‘Striking Out’, with their haunting track ‘Objects of Desire’.

Since the inclusion of their song ‘Samurai’ on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK playlist in 2018, Flecks have gained and continue to gain a steady following and listenership. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @weareflecks


Vienna-based indie pop s inger and songwriter OSKA, shared the video for her newly released song 'Somebody'. The track, along with the previously released 'Distant Universe', will be featured on OSKA’s upcoming debut EP.

OSKA explains,

“’Somebody’ is about the first stages of a romantic relationship and the insecurities that often crop up, Can you be yourself completely around this new person in your life, or do you have to pretend to be somebody else to feel liked and accepted? On the other hand, you might ask yourself if this person is just excited by the idea of who you are, instead of liking you for who you truly are."

Growing up in a small village in Lower Austria, OSKA moved to Vienna at 18 to study her first love; music. Born into a family of singers and musicians, she discovered her voice at a young age. In Vienna, she started busking in streets and squares of the capital while also studying pop and jazz singing. She has worked tirelessly drafting and crafting her imminent debut, honing her voice to say exactly what she wants it to.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @goodoldoska


Lido released his new single 'Rise' earlier in July. Boasting an array of fluttering pop hooks, the infectious new track delivers Lido’s signature brand of artful production, and marks the third instalment from his highly anticipated new album 'PEDER' set for release this autumn.

The storyline of the 'Rise' official music video is set as the continuation to the upcoming children’s book, ‘A Boy On A Spaceship’ written by Lido himself, and is confirmed to release along with the album later this fall. The storybook unfolds a unique day in the life of Peder on his spaceship, with each page dedicated to a song from the upcoming album. Set at sunrise on a distant planet, the video follows Peder as he finds himself away from the spaceship for the first time in search of music.

Ranking in over 1-million listens per month on Spotify, Lido’s collaborated with Halsey, Chance The Rapper, Banks, Jaden Smith, JoJo and Skrillex to name a few. Recently, Lido produced on JoJo’s latest effort 'good to know', which hit #1 on Billboard’s R&B’s album chart; and he produced six tracks on Halsey’s 2020 album, 'Manic', which ranked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @lidogotpix


Luke Mitchell released his new single 'Drop Top' earlier this month.

He says:

"I started this idea in 2016. It went through several phases since the original instrumentation. Finally landed on the right vibe! I wrote and produced/co-produced this song, as well as did the final mix. Inspired by the classic LA pool parties at the W"

Luke Mitchell is a artist/producer/mix engineer with over a decade of experience. He spent 3 years touring as front man of his former band. Originally from the Midwest, with 5 U.S. tours under his belt (including Warped Tour), Luke now calls Los Angeles his home. 

From humble beginnings in California, Luke spent the last 7 years building up an impressive clientele. Luke has more than 20M Spotify streams on songs he has written, produced, and performed. All of which he has mixed. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @ilukemusic


Carly and Martina released their new single entitled 'Honeymoon' last week, the track features their ethereal harmonies, combining the likes of Lana Del Ray and Post Malone with 90’s hip hop.

18 year old twins, Carly and Martina have captured a large global audience with impressive numbers across their social platforms and amassed over 2M views on their channels, with their numbers growing consistently each week. As musicians with a platform and presence, the girls acknowledge and understand that they have a responsibility to their supporters and generation to be leaders and role models.

The twins are Chicago natives and bursting into the music scene with must stream tracks. It’s only a matter of time before their atmospheric vocals take them all the way to the top.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @carlyandmartina


Kro released his new track 'One Shot' earlier this week, and is last, but certainly not least on Just Discovered.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @krokro

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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