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Just Discovered | 012

Welcome back to Just Discovered, where we introduce you to our new favourite artists and bands that have caught our eyes and ears this week...



LoveLeo dropped his anxiously awaited debut EP 'LOOK AT THIS MESS I'VE MADE' back in July, featuring single 'HEAD OVER HEELS' via Godmode/Republic Records.

LoveLeo shared the official video for 'HEAD OVER HEELS' to celebrate the release, which was self shot, directed and produced.


“The goal with this project was to not take anything too seriously. Put your headphones on, drink some water, and have a beautiful day.”

The eight-track EP boasts his 2019 breakthrough hit 'BOYFREN', which has amassed nearly 32 million Spotify streams and over 10 million video views. The track captured the top spot on Spotify’s US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 Charts. His EP also includes 'ROSIE', which debuted earlier this year in the Top40 on the US Alternative Radio Chart.

Listen to the EP HERE Instagram: @loveleo


Marking his second release in quick succession, Congo-born, London-based artist Miles From Kinshasa unveiled new single ‘Lookin 4 U', back at the end of July via DMY Artists.

Channelling a similar energy to recent single ‘Wearing Smiles’, ‘Lookin 4 U’ is a soulful ballad that’s sparse, fluttering production allows Miles’ warm vocals and witty lyricism to take centre stage. Both tracks will feature on his forthcoming EP 'Beloved'.

Reflecting on ‘Lookin 4 U’, Miles explains:

 “It’s probably my favourite song on the whole project; it just sounds like something from the Donkey Kong video game soundtrack, whilst documenting how I’m perceived to navigate relationships from my viewpoint.”

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @milesfromkinshasa


The Haunt released their new single 'Brag About' at the end of July. The track is a futuristic rock anthem about feeling lost when you’re far from people you love.

"On tour, we felt like we were trapped in a time capsule while everyone else’s lives went on without us back home. The song symbolizes the highs and lows of our closest relationships and how our social existence relies so heavily on who we are to the people around us. Being away really makes you appreciate the people who feel like home.” 

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @wearethehaunt


Fika is a London duo described as combining the styles of Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Tom Misch. 'Missing Me' is the second single of their upcoming EP 'Love Stories' in partnership with Fabich, one of the most exciting German producers of the year.

'Missing Me' is the first collaboration that they have released together. 'Love Stories' EP is due for release in September.

Listen to the track HERE


Bedroom soul artist cehryl shared her first single of 2020, 'Moon Eyes' at the end of July. The singer-songwriter and producer has spent the past year working on new music to follow her debut album 'Slow Motion'.

When asked about the track, cehryl said,

When I wrote this I was obsessed with that Penny and the Quarters song from the movie Blue Valentine. The consistently shameless, confessional lyrics in love songs in the 60’s that painted the same clichés over and over again (the moon, the stars, roses, flowers, cigarettes, starlight, black and white movies). I was moved by how timeless the writing is in jazz standards, and wanted to recreate that tone. ‘moon eyes’ is an unrequited love story. It is about the lightness and brightness of falling in love as a convenient shield or distraction from feeling disappointed by someone. It is about being abandoned, being left to wonder. specifically, to wonder with a childlike optimistic naivety (‘maybe you’ve gone to buy me flowers’).

Listen to the track HERE


SM1LO released new single 'Counting Days' back in July. The track contains a catchy hook and melody, energetic rhythm and bass, and powerhouse vocals by Sara Ray.

The sound and vibe that’s delivered in this song is a perfect harmony of EDM and pop that will have fans of all music styles singing and dancing. Lyrically, this record is equally as powerful; thoughtfully written about overcoming a struggling relationship that many can relate to. What’s also capturing is the dual meaning of the song, which is a reminder that there are better days ahead for us all in today’s environment as we overcome COVID-19; a juxtaposition that creates the perfect balance of reminiscence, resilience, and hope.

Listen to the track HERE

Be sure to come back - same time next week for more new discoveries!


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