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JXCKY | System

Melbourne pop artist has released his first single of 2021, 'System', following his 2020 debut with quarantine slow-jam 'Lockdown Lover; and summer break-up song 'What's So Good About Brandon?'.


In 'System', JXCKY embraces his primal side with a more savage take on standard pop music. He delivers dark electro-pop with hypnotic and intense instrumentation which is bursting with hard hitting beats, a groovy bassline and a stadium-sized anthemic chorus.

He sings over thrilling, pulsating production, taking a departure from his previous singles and showing a side of JXCKY that fans haven't seen from him before. His usual crystal-clear vocals take a back seat with a more rough and edgy sound to them as he sings about trying to get his ex out of his 'system' and truly become himself again. The track oozes with confidence and is an instant ear worm to all who listen.

Speaking about the track, JXCKY says he’s looking to wash himself clean of a past lover’s essence.

“System marks the first time I’m dipping into that sinister, darker side of pop-rock. The track accentuates a growing desperation for closure and the need to cleanse one’s body free from that tight, lethal grip.”

JXCKY is gearing up for a 2021 that is set to be full of songs to scream along to on road trips that we missed out on over the past year. He's putting his foot firmly on the pedals and speeding off towards better things. His music blends together soaring pop moments with a R&B twist, and rock and trap elements thrown in there for good measure.

JXCKY’s also fast becoming a must-see act in the Melbourne live scene, with electric live performances at venues all around the state.

'System' is out now. Listen HERE @jxckymusic


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