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Kaatii | Swept Up

Kaatii (Anna Katherine) has dropped her empowering new single ‘Swept Up’.


Photo Credit: Larissa Raque

The song cements this young newcomer (SHE IS ONLY 13 YEARS OLD!) as a pioneer in the new wave of bedroom-pop creatives, and the merging of mellow pop to an all out grunge inspired fury is testament to the diversity of this artist.

Kaatii spoke about the track, saying:

“This song means a lot to me because I wrote it as a form of release—as a way of unloading my feelings. It is something I can use to vent, but I can also rock out and have a great time while playing it. I hope that anyone feeling stressed can get away from whatever is happening in their lives for a moment to unwind and get swept up in the song instead of their own thoughts or fears.”

Kaatii is currently working on her debut EP.


Listen to 'Swept Up' HERE

Instagram: @kaatiimusic


Twitter: @ross_alister


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