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Charismatic alt-pop artist Kai Bosch announces plans for his next EP ‘Love, Throw Me A Bone’, a devastatingly beautiful collection of songs about heartbreak following the end of a tumultuous relationship with his ex-boyfriend, and previewed by the new single 'Funny', a two-fingers up break-up anthem.


Featuring the previously shared offerings 'Tulips' and 'Bodybag', this new five-track collection arrives during his most ambitious guise yet. Regularly one to adopt a multitude of diverse ideas into his work, ‘Love, Throw Me A Bone’ looks to cement that dynamic energy he has been cultivating lately and unveil some of his more innovative efforts yet.


Showcased by the new single, 'Funny' perfectly illustrates this adventurous nature he has been moving towards recently. With its smooth and alluring textures set to some groove-filled hooks throughout, 2024 continues to establish him as one of the more explorative names on the rise right now.


Adding about the track, he said,

"Funny was a total accident for me, I usually like to write about things in hindsight when I can look at something from a distance where I can be a lot more reflective and poetic in my dissection of something - however, with Funny I came into that studio angry! I had been having a really terrible week, I bumped into my ex on the tube for the first time since we broke up and he was a totally different person - that broke my heart all over again, but to make matters worse I found out the next day that he was in a relationship with someone else, and had been since we broke up. I went through such a whirlwind of emotions, but eventually settled on anger, so when I rocked up to the studio with my friend Gabe Coulter I ended up word-vomiting the most unfiltered and unsubtle thoughts into that microphone. As a whole, Funny explores the resentment and anger that I feel for my ex, but also how embarrassing I find it that I spent so long yearning for him - every time that I held my breath going past his stop on the tube, looking for his face in a sea of commuters at rush hour, six months of hoping we would cross paths again and reunite as something other than strangers only to find he had been with someone else the whole time - soul crushing!"


Having already been extremely busy on the live circuit throughout 2023, including festival appearances at Latitude, Boardmasters and The Great Escape, and supporting both Katie Gregson MacLeod and Gretel Hanlyn on their recent UK/EU tours, Kai Bosch will embark on a four-date headline stint in late April/early May. Tickets for his 2024 shows are on sale now.


April 30th: Prince Albert, Brighton

May 1st: The Social, London

May 2nd: The Castle Hotel, Manchester

May 3rd: Poetry Club, Glasgow

'Funny' is out now. Listen HERE @kaiboschmusic


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