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Kara Connolly | Something More

After dropping her debut independent album in 2019 to rave reviews and sold out shows, LA based singer / songwriter Kara Connolly is back with her lush alt pop anthem 'Something More'.


Taking a departure from the acoustic-driven pop that she established on 'Life in Rear View', Kara leans towards a more indie alt-pop in 'Something More'. Weaving fragments of different styles from some of the best of today's contemporary bands and adding a dash of 90's flare to create a sound which would make both Haim and female-fronted 90s groups such as The Cranberries proud.

A lush soundscape of euphoric instrumentation, almost psychedelic synth shimmers and captivating electric guitar set the scene for a mesmerising vocal performance from the uber talented songwriter. The track is ladened with harmonious energy with a bright, undeniably catchy chorus, memorable melodies and anthemic lyricism - it's everything you want from an uptempo pop ballad.

She says on the track,

“I wrote this song when I felt stuck, exhausted, and, quite honestly, depressed. My co-writer and producer, Dan Sadin, and I started working on it right before the quarantine hit. We had written the lyric “Maybe time will stop if I can slowly break it” and then, in a twist of fate, time really did stop in a way. The song took on new meaning for me as we produced it through the lockdown, collaborating via Zoom; I was recording vocals in my closet with scarves and sweaters hanging on the wall to recreate the qualities of a vocal booth. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I often find myself in this dark place of falling trap to striving for some ever-moving target and unable to stop out of the fear that I may lose what I’ve worked so hard to build. There’s always something more - to do, to be, to know - but lately I’m exploring the idea that there’s got to be something more than that way of life and all of this also.”

Produced and mixed by Dan Sadin, co-produced by Kara herself (a first for the artist), and mastered by Randy Merrill, 'Something More'. brings us hope, both for a better world and a brand new Kara Connolly record on the horizon.

Kara's versatility may be one reason why she is frequently asked to lend her writing and storytelling skills to other artist’s projects and has landed prime real estate on official Spotify editorial playlists, as well as major film, television and ad placements with Instagram, Lionsgate, ABC, Netflix, and Showtime in the last year alone.

'Something More' is out now.


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