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Multi-talented artist Kayla DiVenere presents her new single, 'Date Myself' on Sound Factory Records.


With her new tracks - 'Date Myself' and 'Jumping the Gun' - Kayla showcases a more mature and intentional alt-leaning pop sound. At just 19-years-old, her catchy yet introspective lyrics perfectly capture the highs and lows of young adulthood.

On the new track, Kayla vents her frustrations with modern dating culture and all the disappointments that come with it. She says,

Writing ‘Date Myself’ reminded me of how beautiful it is to spend time by yourself, and how important it is to be comfortable owning your high standards and loving yourself. Being able to hear the song back after writing it and screaming it at the top of my lungs has comforted me more than any guy has, and I hope it can comfort people who relate to it too.

Hailing from Montreal and now based in Los Angeles, Kayla DiVenere's penchant for the arts has been apparent from a very young age. She started acting at the age of six and is now proving herself as a true double threat with a slew of captivating singles. With over a million cumulative streams across just a handful of singles, as well as 200K social followers, there’s no doubt that Kayla DiVenere is an exciting young artist to keep an eye on.

'Date Myself' is out now. Listen HERE @kayladivenere


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