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Los Angeles-based and Midwest-bred singer-songwriter KAYLS (Kayla Stewart) is reestablishing her roots as she graces the world with brand new music. Breaking down the pop standard with a resurgence of personal musical integrity, KAYLS reminds us that serenity can not be purchased down the road, but must be built within our own four walls.


On 'Hatch', KAYLS wastes no time in setting the scene and getting to the point- “We’ve been in the incubator too long.” The song blends modern confessional pop with a guitar-ridden, glitchy production that embodies the feeling of breaking out of your shell and exploring new territory. There’s a free-flowing heaviness emboldened by the sing-speak style utilized by Stewart throughout the track.

She says,

"Something is seemingly safe in an incubator, it’s when that thing enters the world that it can be harmed. Hatch is a song about a love that feels so good in its safe space but it's nearing that moment when it must meet reality. When things stay protected forever they never grow. It is with trial and tribulation that love and a connection between two can become a real lasting relationship and that’s what this song is about. Kind of like, hey let's see if we can grow because we're great together and there’s nothing to be afraid of. The song really brings you into that feeling."

Blossoming into her next chapter, LA based singer-songwriter, KAYLS is currently unveiling her new EP, 'Jasmine', an ode to the strength she's found along her journey. Originally from the Midwest, KAYLS got her start making music on a vintage multitrack recorder with her grandfather, a guitarist who shared the stage with the likes of Sonny & Cher, Bobby Day and Dolly Parton in the 60’s. Kayls embarked on this EP at a time when she was searching within to find the inner peace that we all too often look for outside of ourselves. Creating Jasmine became a path to self-empowerment, serenity and the confidence to listen to her voice within.

Along this journey, KAYLS also found inspiration behind the sewing machine. Following a childhood of sewing her own costumes and closet, plus a fashion design degree from FIDM, she launched LÉONIE, a sought after line of translucent silk bérets featuring embroidered deadstock fabric from designers such as Oscar De La Renta. KAYLS’ creativity has allowed her to uninhibitedly define herself, both musically and visually.

'Hatch' is out now. Listen HERE


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