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[PIAS] Australia is thrilled to announce the signing of Naarm / Melbourne-based queer alt-pop artist Keelan Mak, coinciding with the release of his new single ‘Forever Ago’ and accompanying lyric video.


Born from an obsession with having all the answers and craving closure, ‘Forever Ago’ explores new learnings in patience and the passing of time, as he sings, “until it feels like forever ago.”

Written a year after a pivotal moment for Keelan Mak, ‘Forever Ago’ is a reflection of that transformative time, while sharing the wisdom of acceptance of what cannot be controlled. Now in a new city, with new friends and a whole new life, Keelan Mak bares it all on ‘Forever Ago’, while maintaining an energising positivity for being able to reflect on the experience.

He shares,

“This song feels like I’m running across a giant hill screaming at the top of my lungs with a big smile on my face. Or driving with the top down, on a wide open road.”

The accompanying lyric video shows Keelan Mak on set at a photoshoot, wearing a cloak made by Naarm-based designer Sabatucci, Jacquemus pants and a pearl bra created by stylist Isabella Ibrahim.

Drawing sonic inspiration from indie singer-songwriters such as BENEE and Conan Gray, Keelan Mak is an ever-changing force in motion, walking the fine line between the feelings of melancholia and enlightenment. He writes music you can cry in the club to, with reflections of candid heartbreak, blending melody with consciousness in a fragile form of musical expression.

His music is a sultry mixture of himself, his feelings, and the places in which he moves between, energised by the art and fellow creators that make up his fast-paced and evolving metropolis. Keelan Mak seamlessly blends genres to create a unique artistry in the current landscape, while building a sense of community throughout.

'Forever Ago' is out now. Listen HERE @keelan_mak


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