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After returning earlier this year to deliver her captivating singles 'Lose U Now' and 'Dead Body', Irish pop starlet KEHLI has now announced the details behind her eagerly-awaited debut EP ‘Pity Party’, as well as delivering the new lead offering 'All Outta Love'.


Having already made an enormous impact on the pop world these last few years, KEHLI’s long-awaited debut collection arrives after a wealth of highly-acclaimed singles to date. Settling on a five-track release that looks to usher in the next phase of her musical evolution, ‘Pity Party’ aims to reflect the artist she has grown and matured into these last few years.

Speaking about the new EP, she said,

"This EP has been such an amazing experience for me. It has grown since the first time I stepped into the studio at 17 to songs I have only just recorded. i have experienced love in so many different ways that I hope you can hear and feel that through these songs in the EP. The growth of heartbreak, enduring pain and the best of love throughout these years has helped me to be the person I am now delivering you these songs. I hope you listen to these lyrics and really enjoy the music.”

Highlighted by the new offering 'All Outta Love', KEHLI continues her pursuit of warm and invigorating textures throughout this new delight. Coming from the position of a more assured and confident individual at the helm, she looks to create a break-up song with a more positive and empowering edge to it.

Adding about the single, she says,

'Writing 'All Outta Love' made me finally realise my worth in a lot of ways. Feeling like you have no more love to give when all you have given is your all is so draining especially for the wrong person!! Walking away from someone that you know is bad for you and are certain as you can be about the situation, can still be so hard. I couldn't understand for a really long time why I was letting myself go through what I did when I knew I deserved better so I hope people can feel that through the song when they listen to it.''

'All Outta Love' is out now. Listen HERE


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