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KEHLI I 'Ur So Cool' (Featuring Louis III)

Up-and-coming Irish pop sensation KEHLI has released her brand new single 'Ur So Cool,' which features rising R&B singer Louis III. The new release follows on from her previous singles 'Hypnotized,' 'Believe It' and 'One Last Kiss,' which continue to build anticipation for her debut EP.

The single sees KEHLI and Louis III work incredibly well together, with their talents complimenting one another on this fresh release. The single is driven by a strong pop beat and a slight touch of electronic effects. Both a pop and R&B sound is heard throughout the track. KEHLI's exceptional vocals are exemplified throughout the track, with Louis III's fantastic vocals also fitting in very nicely. Additionally, the track has an excellent production.

A lot has changed for KEHLI since the release of her second single 'Believe It,' little under a year ago. The single received an immensely positive response from Irish radio. Having collated almost half a million streams on streaming platform Spotify by the end of 2019, KEHLI is an ever-growing popular name within the music industry. When speaking about her new release, KEHLI explained:

"I'm so buzzed for this collaboration to come out into the world. Making this track was one of my favourite experiences. I knew from the start that this would be a fun one! Working with Louis was an honour. He is crazy talented. I'm so happy we got to make this together. Listening to 'No Air' by Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks gave me major inspiration for this song, as it's such an iconic duet. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we loved making it!"

Louis III is no stranger to pop success. He penned one of the UK's biggest breakout tracks - 'Anywhere' with Sigma, which to date has received over fifty-eight million streams. Speaking about 'Ur So Cool,' he explained:

"'Ur So Cool is about that obsession you feel for someone new - they're all you think about and you worship the ground they walk on, but neither of you have worked out how to say it to each other yet, so all you have in the meantime is words that don't quite fill the void. We wrote it on a rainy afternoon in Camden. It came really quickly to us from a tune we started humming for the chorus. It's always great finding new artists to collaborate with. This tune just felt right to sing on with KEHLI."

You can listen to 'Ur So Cool' below:

'Ur So Cool' is out now.

By Rachel Dempster


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