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Having already cemented herself as one of the more exciting names emerging on the pop scene these last few years thanks to her highly-praised offerings, Irish pop starlet KEHLI now makes her eagerly-awaited return with the shimmering new single ‘Lose U Now’.


'Lose U Now', written alongside three of the most exciting emerging songwriters, Raheem Bale, Kali Clare and Maple Goldrush sees KEHLI return with the same rich and captivating textures that she first established herself with whilst continuing to pursue a heady dose of sweet and heartfelt pop aesthetic throughout. This latest effort also marks the first in a run of new releases leading up to her long-awaited debut EP, set to arrive in the summer.

KEHLI says,

"This track holds so much for me! I've had a tough time with love, especially over the pandemic which I’m sure so many others have too but recently, I’ve become a bit more carefree with how I want to love someone! I’m basically sick of worrying too much about love, about him or whatever! lol. I think you can really feel that on this song, I’m a bit more carefree and embracing that ‘whatever!’ feeling especially on the choruses. It’s a feeling of just wanting to let yourself go and finally LOVE! I was anxiety-central before this cos I used to second-guess every single move or feeling I had about someone I was interested in. It’s crazy how someone can do that to you especially if they’re giving you mixed signals which never helps! What's worse is if after all that, you still like the person and have that feeling of not wanting to lose them, which I’m sure, we can all relate to. Hopefully you listen to this track and connect to that feeling of letting yourself enjoy love because it is the best feeling to love the right person! Hopefully I’m getting there!”

Hailing from Dublin, 21-year old KEHLI is a vocalist and performer with a soulful, passionate and unique interpretation of contemporary pop music. She’s drawn comparisons to the likes of Mabel, Raye, Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie.

KEHLI is currently putting finishing touches on her debut EP, 2023 is on track to be an exciting one for this young Irish talent and her music.

'Lose U Now' is out now.


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