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Interview | KEHLI

Irish pop sensation KEHLI is a name that is continuing to emerge on the music scene. She is now back with fresh release 'Hypnotized,' which sees her adopting an electro-pop sound. Her vocals take centre stage on 'Hypnotized,' with a rich beat to the track and a strong electronic texture, which is almost a step back into the eighties.

"People experience love at one point or another. This is one interpretation of that feeling. The song has such an upbeat, uplifting energy to it. I hope people enjoy it as much as I loved making it!" - KEHLI speaking about 'Hypnotized.'


2019 was an immensely successful year for talented KEHLI. She racked up nearly half a million streams on Spotify by the end of last year, with her fantastic releases. Her soulful, passionate and unique sound truly gives her an edge among the music industry. This year has already been successful for KEHLI, and we can't wait to see what else lies in store for her throughout 2020!


The Lowdown exclusively spoke with KEHLI about how she first got into music, her brand new single 'Hypnotized' and much more. Keep reading to check out our interview!

You have recently released your brand new single 'Hypnotized.' How does it feel to have the single released?

"I'm so happy that it's finally getting released! After announcing the 'Believe It' video and the reaction that got, I was so happy to be able to move forward into this next track! It's so nice to have some positive news during this pandemic, so I was so excited when I heard that this was my next single to drop."

The song sees you adopting an electro-pop sound. Do you feel that this is a sound that you will continue to develop over time?

"I definitely feel like my sound will develop with me over time. Even though I love all types of music, I'm not restricted to just one sound. I like to find a nice mix of wherever I am musically each time. But I do feel that this electro-pop sound of my music has evolved since the first single and more."

For people who haven't yet heard the single, can you sum it up in a few words?

"This feel-good song with an upbeat club vibe will hopefully bring some excitement into your quarantine days and give hope for the club culture and for everyone to be back out dancing together soon!"

Who would you say are your musical influences?

"My musical influences vary a lot! I love different types of genres from my parents' love of music to the Pop Charts. I'd say definitely Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Growing up, I've seen those artists evolve, which was very inspiring to me."

Do you feel a certain level of pressure when it comes to releasing new music?

"I think that because the reaction so far to my music has been so amazing, I'm so lucky! I've just kept a positive mind and don't look at the negatives. Of course, it is a stressful time getting everything ready for it, but I just go with the flow and know I get to move forward when I release a new project."

How did you get into music? Was it always something you have wanted to pursue?

"I've always been involved with music since I was a young kid. I started Stage School at the age of four. Ever since, I knew I wanted to pursue a music career or something in the industry."

By the end of 2019, you had amassed over half a million streams on Spotify. How does it feel to know that your music is being so well-received?

"I still haven't grasped it quite yet, but just knowing that people are liking it makes me so happy! I feel so lucky to get to do this at my age right now. To also know that me and my team's hard work is paying off is amazing!"

Do you have a stand-out moment in your career so far?

"For me, it was honestly being in the studio for the first time. Getting to work on my own music and record it was insane! It was in SARM Studios in London, which I felt so blessed to be in! I will always hold on to moments like that."

Do you have any particular aspirations or anything you want to achieve throughout your career in the music industry?

"Definitely an album! To perform live in the 3Arena (Dublin) has always been as aspiration of mine, as it's such a special place for me. I've seen so many of my favourite artists perform there that I would love to do the same some day!"

What else can be expected music-wise from you for the remainder of the year?

"Definitely more music will be released this year! I'm so excited thinking about it, as I have had songs in the bag for up to two years just waiting for the right moment to come. Also, hopefully I'll get back to the studio once everything is safe and okay to do."

Finally, do you have a message for your supporters?

"A big thing for me is having good mental health and trying to do good for yourself! Self-care is so important! Just know that everything will be okay. Good times are coming. If you can just keep a positive mind in times like these, GO for what you want in life, because it's way too short to not fulfil your dreams! Anything is possible."


KEHLI's new single 'Hypnotized' is out now.

Listen HERE

Instagram: @kehlimusic

Interview By Rachel Dempster


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