Kelli-Leigh | Whiskey Midnight

Kelli-Leigh continues her unstoppable run of remarkable singles in 2020, with the sensual and smooth ‘Whiskey Midnight’, released via her own label Music Core.

‘Whiskey Midnight’ sees Kelli-Leigh, known for her soaring vocals and instantly catchy dance classics, exploring a more intimate side to her sound with a chilled electro track with subtle synths and easy rhythms to create one of the best slow-bangers you've heard in a long time. The vibe is super intimate and the track gets better and better as you listen to it.

She says:

“I loved writing ‘Whiskey Midnight’, it’s so sensual and sexy. Lyrically I loved playing off the Whiskey theme, the first line ‘you’re a whiskey after midnight’ came to me when hearing the synths in a session with Paul Harris & Sam Cramer and the rest just flowed from there. I actually really enjoy writing sexual lyrics, there’s a lot of freedom of expression in it. The song is about the need for some solo love, thinking about someone you can’t get out of your mind.”