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Kelli-Leigh | Whiskey Midnight Video

Kelli-Leigh continues her unstoppable run of remarkable singles in 2020, with the sensual and smooth ‘Whiskey Midnight’, which she has now released the music video for.


‘Whiskey Midnight’ saw Kelli-Leigh, known for her soaring vocals and instantly catchy dance classics, exploring a more intimate side to her sound with a chilled electro track with subtle synths and easy rhythms to create one of the best slow-bangers you've heard in a long time. The vibe is super intimate and the track gets better and better as you listen to it.

She says:

“I loved writing ‘Whiskey Midnight’, it’s so sensual and sexy. Lyrically I loved playing off the Whiskey theme, the first line ‘you’re a whiskey after midnight’ came to me when hearing the synths in a session with Paul Harris & Sam Cramer and the rest just flowed from there. I actually really enjoy writing sexual lyrics, there’s a lot of freedom of expression in it. The song is about the need for some solo love, thinking about someone you can’t get out of your mind.”

The official video was filmed pre-lockdown and edited by Kelli-Leigh herself, she says"

"I shot the video in a really cool space in East London. I had Rihanna Te Amo as a strong inspiration for the colouring, and Alex Crane the director smashed it with the lighting and composition”.

This is the second time Kelli-Leigh has worked with this team, who also created her video for ‘Cotton Clouds’.


Listen to 'Whiskey Midnight' HERE

Instagram: @kellileighuk


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