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Keni | Proximity

19 year old LA based singer / songwriter Keni has just released her new single 'Proximity'.


The track is a savage take on commercial pop music, showcasing Keni's gorgeous breathy vocals across hypnotic production and an exquisite blend of melodies with lyricism that boasts her top-tier songwriting skill. 'Proximity' is a love song, but with a dark edge with her choice of words setting her apart from the rest.

"Close proximity, I wanna leave between your teeth."

The official music video for the track gives a nod to early 2000's icons such as Britney and JoJo.

Keni garnered a wide range of press for her stunning single 'Sid & Nancy' earlier in the year which announced her as a left of centre pop newcomer to pay attention to. 'Proximity' cements her status as a definite one to watch for 2021.

'Proximity' is out now.


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