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Following in hot pursuit of recent single 'Royal Blue' which made it to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist on release day, puckish pop singer / songwriter Kev Kelly has dropped the newest single 'Tilt' from his forthcoming two part EP - 'This Might Escalate…And Then Collapse', due for release June 3rd.


He shares,

“Tilt is about the first job I ever had. I was a lifeguard at a country club in Kentucky. The members were mostly young families and seemed to have what I guess you would consider ‘new money.’ It was a pretty conservative place; so, I was shocked to find out after my second week that it was basically a swingers club. I noticed the parents of kids I went to school with - their dads would come off the course and leave with Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jones would take their mom out for ‘dinner.’ I couldn’t help but think, Damn, church on Sunday must be awkward for these people. Body of Christ indeed. Anyway, don’t text me asking if this song is about your family. If the shoe fits…”

'This Might Escalate…And Then Collapse' is a full story, told in two parts. The story of a night out and the songs that soundtrack it. The story begins with a good time and inevitably ends in a blur. It’s a journey that goes from light to dark, whether that’s a day or seasons or years.

Witty, raw, and undeniably clever, Kev Kelly delivers catchy tracks with massive commercial appeal. With the anticipation surrounding his forthcoming EP, it’s clear that he will continue making music and his star will continue to rise.

'Tilt' is out now. Listen HERE @kevvkelly


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