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KIAN | Sunbeam

KIAN's latest cut 'Sunbeam' was released via Polydor Records late last year, and is the follow up single to 'Every Hour' and his 2019 debut EP 'BLISS', which generated over 100 million global streams. The track has also since had remixed versions released back in March.


'Sunbeam' is a euphoric song about finding someone that brightens up your life, all whilst making you want to dance. The track follows largely in the footsteps of 'Every Hour' - powerful vocals, dreamy melodies and vivid lyricism. KIAN uses his songwriting talents to tackle everything from love and happiness to deconstructing masculinity in his songs. Bringing it all to life is a multi-dimensional sound that fuses together alt-pop with elements of R&B and soulful vocals.

Talking about the track KIAN said:

"'Sunbeam' is about the positive energy that you can see and feel within people close to you. I feel like most people have at least one person like this in their life. The people who always make you feel supported, safe and warm, no matter what happens or where you are. When you feel that warmth and light from others it helps you to project your own positivity...your own Sunbeam.”

After growing up in a small Victorian town, KIAN spent the majority of his younger years travelling with his dad and making music in rural Australia. Back in 2018, he stepped into the limelight, winning 'Unearthered High Competition', hosted by tastemaker radio station triple j. 'Waiting' was quickly made an incredible success, becoming the most played local song on Australian radio for the first half of 2019, going double platinum, amassing over 50 million Spotify streams and earning APRA nods and an ARIA Awards nomination for Song of the year. His 'BLISS' EP followed alongside festival performances and a global deal with Republic Records.

After a year of travelling and writing with new collaborators, KIAN is ready to begin a new chapter as a triple threat - singer, songwriter and musician with a supernatural knack for melody. KIAN is an artist coming of age, with a sound and mentality surer than ever.

'Sunbeam' & remixes are out now. Listen HERE @kian.brownfield


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