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KiD RAiN I Bored Of Love

Closely following on from the release of his debut single 'Say Yes' in June 2020, emerging singer, song-writer and producer KiD RAiN has released his exceptional new single 'Bored Of Love', a chilled-out pop track that serves as an anthem for people who just need a break from love!


Serving as an immensely exciting statement of intent, KiD RAiN's current release showcases his talent as a creative musician, with the entire single being written, produced, performed and mixed by him!

"I kept on falling but I don’t get back up;

Now you’re asking why you’re not enough;

But it’s not like that I’m just not the one;

Well, what’s it like then to be bored of love?"

Directed by MTV videographer and director Alex Boulton, the music video for the single correlates with the calm nature of the track. It sees KiD RAiN sitting on the roof of a vintage 1972 Audi 100 while the sun sets across the Yorkshire Dales. The video concludes with an energetic performance from KiD RAiN.

You can watch the official music video for 'Bored Of Love' below:

"Do you ever feel like you just need a break? Not just from work...a break from everything. A break from life, time to focus on yourself. Give yourself the time instead of giving it to someone else. No hard feelings, but I want to binge this Netflix show by myself this time."

Deriving inspiration from the likes of Lauv, LANY and Jeremy Zucker, it's clear that even though 'Bored Of Love' is only his second release, KiD RAiN is a name that is going to become ever more popular on the music scene. We're already excited to keep hearing and seeing more from him!

'Bored Of Love' is out now and can be purchased from iTunes HERE

The track can additionally be streamed from Spotify HERE

Words By Rachel Dempster


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