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KiD RAiN | Live For The Weekend

Following on from the success of his prior singles 'Say Yes' and 'Bored Of Love,' KiD RAiN is back, with his brand new, funky-sounding single 'Live For The Weekend.'


A representation of his diverse sound, 'Live For The Weekend' draws you in right from the first second of the track. The clever lyrics also help in contributing to the catchy and upbeat nature of the pop-certified track.

'Live For The Weekend' is all about not wishing life away by waiting for Saturday and Sunday. Ultimately, life is about making the most of every single day, living it to the fullest extent possible.

Speaking about 'Live For The Weekend,' KiD RAiN explains:

"I wrote this song after going out every night for what seemed like months. I looked in the mirror and thought: 'Firstly Dan, you look like sh*t. Secondly, what are you actually doing with your life?' Update - I still look like sh*t, but at least I wrote this banger to talk about it."

Most recently, KiD RAiN, who derives inspiration from the likes of Lauv, The 1975 and Charlie Puth and who previously joined The Vamps on their 2017 arena tour around the UK & Ireland, whereby he featured as a frontman and performer, featured on Nickelodeon, where he was challenged to write and produce a song and music video in a mere twelve hours - quite the challenge! With an outreach of over sixty-two million people, 'KiCK iT LiKE iCARLY' is a definite viral success.

You can check out the official music video for 'KiCK iT LiKE iCARLY' below:

On the whole, 'Live For The Weekend' is another exceptional release from KiD RAiN - here at The Lowdown, we absolutely love it!

'Live For The Weekend' is out now and can be streamed from Apple Music by clicking here. Additionally, the single can be streamed from Spotify here.

By Rachel Dempster


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