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KiD RAiN | Say Yes

UK-based singer, song-writer and producer Dan Reynard recently announced his brand new project - KiD RAiN - with the release of his feel-good debut single 'Say Yes'. Despite already being a popular name on the pop scene, this is a brand new venture, making it very fresh on the music scene!

Drawing on influences such as Lauv, The 1975 and Conan Gray to create his sound, 'Say Yes' is utter pop perfection and is bursting with an infectiously catchy beat. We can guarantee that this is a track that will be stuck in your head for days on end!


"'Say Yes' has a very personal spot in my heart, because believe it or not, by the time I was nineteen years young, I had already proposed to twelve people and two animals. They all liked me I think, but apparently the 'timing wasn't right.' I haven't seen them since, but it's cool. Anyway, this song is about realising you've found 'the One' and praying they don't reject you like the twelve other people and two animals before them."

To accompany the release of the single, the music video for 'Say Yes' has also been unveiled. The phenomenal video was shot in the most colourful village in the world while he was on holiday with best friend and MTV videographer and director Alex Boulton. KiD RAiN's personality is reflected in the video, which further brings the track to life.

Speaking about the music video, KiD RAiN explains:

"When we saw that Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan (Village Of Colour) was only a one-hour flight away, we booked flights for the next morning and planned the storyboard on the way!"

You can watch the official music video for 'Say Yes' below.

Here at The Lowdown, we absolutely love 'Say Yes' and we can't wait to see and hear even more from KiD RAiN!


'Say Yes' is out now and is available on iTunes HERE

Instagram: @iamkidrain

By Rachel Dempster


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