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King Tonyo X Paradiise | Shimmy Glidde

King Tonyo & Paradiise have collaborated to create dance anthem 'Shimmy Glidde'.


'Shimmy Glidde' is a chilled dance track combining elements of hip-hop and pop, and a unique fusion of different vocals - King Tonyo's smooth and mellow rapping talents alongside Paradiise's energetic and powerful vocal style. This is one to dance to in the clubs and the song has already been viewed over 2 million times to date on TikTok!

With King Tonyo's rapidly growing presence in the Texas area and Paradiise's superstar status on Tik-Tok, the two were able to generate significant buzz around the 'Shimmy Glidde' record in a very short amount of time.

With over 400 dance videos having been created to the record before the song was even released, 'Shimmy Glidde' is likely to be the next worldwide dance phenomenon.


Listen to 'Shimmy Glidde' HERE

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