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KINGS | thank me later

Coming hot on the heels of her previous release, 'ur a good bye', KINGS has released her new single 'thank me later'.


Kicking off and setting the pace of the track with gentle and melodic but sultry instrumentation, KINGS boasts her mastery of songwriting and vocal skills. The dark electro-pop vibe of the track takes a different direction to her previous ear worm pop anthem, 'thank me later' is more intense with biting and savage lyricism with confident delivery, classy and rich beats swirling over emotive electronics. KINGS is everything we love when it comes to pop music, and she can only get better.

The song gets personal for KINGS, of which she describes,

"Honestly, I just wrote this song so we would all have something to dedicate to our ex’s rebounds.”

Born in small-town North Carolina, KINGS threw herself into the arts at a young age - playing piano, singing and studying dance. By age 15, her parents were driving her to/from Nashville every month for songwriting sessions, and in senior year of high school, she and her family moved to Nashville permanently to approach her music career head-on.

Sparked by a wave of buzz in 2019 after her mega-viral TikTok amassed over 70 million views, KINGS’ following has skyrocketed, racking up over 5 million followers across platforms. Though KINGS is already a viral success, she approaches her burgeoning music career with a humble work ethic and an undying passion for music.

'thank me later' is out now. Listen HERE @sheiskings


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