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Kirsty Grant | Bad Boys, Good Girls

Rising pop artist Kirsty Grant has returned with her new single 'Bad Boys, Good Girls, following on from May's release of glistening pop number 'Give & Take' and gearing up for her debut EP release.


The Scottish, London based artist is creating her own take on feel good, clean cut pop music with sweet melodies, gorgeous synth lines and vibrant electronic beats. Crystal clear vocals are stand out with a breezy but bold tone as she sings her way through catchy lyricism and solid production which arrives in perfect timing for the summer months ahead and cements her name as one to watch.

Kirsty shares:

"The song is about the realisation that you can’t change someone, and finally deciding to give up and focus on yourself and your own happiness. I love lines like “Now I don’t mess with cupid” as it summarises the songs meaning so well. It’s the typical story of thinking you can change a “bad boy” but it just inevitably ends in heartbreak. When I listen to the song it makes me feel so empowered as it’s so upbeat and energetic, and has such a strong message behind it. It was written/recorded and produced during the lockdown in 2020. The track and the team behind it has brought me so much joy, I am so happy that it will finally be out for everyone to hear."

Kirsty has just announced her forthcoming debut EP, ’Chain Reaction’.

‘Bad Boys, Good Girls’ is out now. Listen HERE @kirstygrant


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