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Kislaw | Love Me

French producer Kislaw has shared his chic new dance number ‘Love Me’ which is a weekend tune if there ever was one.  


The fresh trumpet melodies and thumping bass rhythms are what give this track the makings of an instant dance classic, and although relatively new to the scene Kislaw produces as if a seasoned pro. Do not sleep on this guy.

Born into African origins, the producer’s passion for mixing was galvanized from an early age by his father’s own mixing repertoire. Currently backed by the influential Parisian management agency Emprise Music, Kislaw is drawing on an array of influences from house, hip-hop, EDM and R&B and moulding them into his own unique platter of inventive and inspiring dance tracks.

If you do anything today, checking this guy out is an absolute must. 


Listen to 'Love Me' HERE Instagram: @kislawmusic


Twitter: @ross_alister


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