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With driving beats, buttery vocals and emotionally-charged lyrics, Northern NSW-based singer / songwriter Kita Alexander delivers her new pop-anthem 'Ocean Blue'.


With a unique talent for penning tracks around the complicated themes of love, loss and everything in between, the melancholic 'Ocean Blue' strikes a particular chord for listeners. With a driving, double time feel with truncated turnarounds at the end of each verse, the track bursts with colour on a chorus and evokes the sweet sadness of 'Boys Of Summer' and the sting of unrequited love. "Be the moon to my ocean”, Kita asks over echoing chords, effortlessly mixing classic song writing with electronic overtones.

This is probably the cheeky, playful side of me that people haven’t seen. It’s just another example of what I can do and how different songs and sounds fit into my world.”

Whilst her sound continues to sonically elevate, Kita is still writing from the same place, one full of emotion and experience. But like the subject matter she so often plays with, these days she’s taking even bigger leaps of the heart.

'Ocean Blue' is out now. Listen HERE @kitaalexander


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