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Kodaline & Gabrielle Aplin | Everyone Changes

Kodaline and Gabrielle Aplin have teamed up for the release of track 'Everyone Changes,' which will feature on the upcoming deluxe edition of Kodaline's fourth studio album 'One Day At A Time.'

'Everyone Changes' originally featured on the standard edition of Kodaline's 'One Day At A Time,' which was released earlier this year, which to date, has been streamed over sixty million times, and featured singles including 'Wherever You Are,' 'Saving Grace' and 'Sometimes.'

Even from the title, it's evident that 'Everyone Changes' is an incredibly moving track, depicting how people change over time, particularly when a relationship comes to an end. The mix of Kodaline and Gabrielle Aplin's vocals make for a truly beautiful combination.

With Gabrielle Aplin featuring on the single, who released album 'Dear Happy' earlier this year, it gives the track an additional dimension. The rawness and sheer emotion when it comes to the lyrics included in this track is really brought to life in this beautiful and personal duet, with lyrics such as 'Say goodbye and let it be, I thought you were the one for me, but everyone changes.'

When speaking about the collaboration, Kodaline said:

"When we wrote 'Everyone Changes' for our new album, we always felt the song would work better as a duet, so with the help of Gabrielle Aplin and her beautiful vocals, here's the result. We hope you guys like it!"

The deluxe edition of the album will see Kodaline - made up of members Steve Garrigan (frontman), Jason Boland (bassist), Mark Pendergrast (guitarist) and Vincent May (drummer) - covering two popular hits - 'Teenage Kicks' and 'The Rare Auld Times,' along with featuring tracks that featured on the original version and an unreleased track.

Kodaline have recently announced a headline tour around the UK for the months of May and June for 2021, along with massive outdoor summer shows in Dublin and Belfast. To buy tickets to any of their tour dates next year, click here.

The deluxe edition of 'One Day At A Time' will be released on 20 November 2020. The album can be pre-ordered from iTunes by clicking here, which includes 'Everyone Changes' (featuring Gabrielle Aplin).

By Rachel Dempster


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