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KOKO | (I Dont't Wanna) Start Fights

Bristol trio KOKO have released their new anti-voilence anthem '(I Don't Wanna) Start Fights', following on from their previous banger 'Now That I'm Wanting More' which saw the boys on a wild night out which spirals out of control.

Despite the band’s craving for raucousness, there’s one thing they can live without: Beef.


Unsurprisingly, given the band’s penchant for high-energy noir pop, ‘(I Don't Wanna) Start Fights’ has such a dizzying and adrenalising vibe with a fast paced electro-sound and a heavy bass line, catchy with a unique vocal and sound that makes you want to listen to more.

Despite the song’s unbridled aggression, it’s actually a song discouraging violence. There are a million reasons people get angry with each other, especially with a backdrop of times like these. A violent confrontation should always be the very last straw, though. 

The band said:

"'(I Don't Wanna) Start Fights' is born from many a night in Soho. Over the last twelve months, we've spent a LOT of time in there (it's where we write and record). Soho is a fascinating place by night! Without fail, there is always one person in every group that causes the unnecessary agro, when everyone else is trying to have a good time. This is a song about that anti drama and trying to avoid it!"

KOKO make electronic music for any occasion. The trio's dark dynamic pop is awash with oceans of feeling, and spices with an indie, hip-hop swagger. It’s the soundtrack to your Saturday night, to the time you held hands at the bus stop, and to all those 4am hands-in-the-air moments.

“Some people see colours when they hear music, so I guess our music is


Oliver Garland (vocals) Harry Dobson (bass, synth) and Ashley C (synths, lead guitar) met at a party in Bristol in 2017. All members had dabbled with music previously but came together that night over a mutual love of fusing genres. After realising that they were all on the same page, the trio set about jamming together, in that hallowed place of every good indie band origin story; Ollie’s dad’s garage. The resulting sound is what you hear today. Electro-tinged debut single, 'Freak' was released on November 15th followed by 'Eyes So Wide' in January.

The trio take inspiration from the freestyle element of hip-hop, often applying aspects of this to their own organic songwriting method, which is sometimes a trial and error process.

“We’ll make some beats in the studio and then lay stuff down. If it works, it works—if not then we just move onto the next thing”.

The bands shared interest in music that simply makes you feel something. This idea pervades their own songwriting.

“We want people to connect to our music. Essentially, we’re a bunch of lads who enjoy having a laugh and we just want people to be part of our music. We want people to come with us on this journey.”


Listen to '(I Don't Wanna) Start Fights' HERE Instagram: @kokoweare

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