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KUNGS | Dopamine

Award winning French producer KUNGS, internationally known for his #1 hit 'This Girl', returns with a feel-good summer anthem 'Dopamine'. 


'Dopamine' features a dance / EDM beat whilst still being pop driven and filled with energy. It just works. The vocals from singe, JHart, are characteristic and fresh, yet, in some ways reminiscent of early Maroon 5. It's quirky, original and makes you want to get up and dance.

'Dopamine' reflects on his recent personal experiences, drawing an intimate portrait of who he has become as an artist.

KUNGS comments on the new release:

“In 2018, I went to live in Los Angeles for a few months to write some new songs. I was alone, doubting, weighed down with questionings. I happened to find myself at this party, feeling sad, anxious and lonely, yet I was surrounded by so many people. I met JHart the next day. I told him everything about how I felt that night, and it all grew from there.”

Known for his big anthems in past, KUNGS’ love for deeper club sounding records that combine a pop melody has been building for quite some time. Having completed a series of absolute club weapons, Valentin road tested these songs over the summer around the globe ensuring they hit where they needed to and took the crowd on a brand new journey with his deeper pop-ish sound.


Listen to 'Dopamine' HERE Instagram: @kungs


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