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Ky. | 24 Hours

Ky. has released his new chilled electro-pop track '24 Hours'.


There is nothing not to like about this track. It features a crisp, yet soft and soulful vocal complete with charming lyrics, and clean production. It's chilled, melodic and the chorus is super catchy!

On the story behind the track, Ky. says:

"24 Hours is actually a true story. I met a girl out at a bar and we clicked instantly. After a long night, I was supposed to be getting a lift home with my friend but somehow he managed to get his car locked inside of a carpark (I'm not kidding). The girl asked if we wanted to stay at her place that night because she lived close by. We really hit it off and stayed up all night spending time together. Just my luck, it was her last 24 hours in the country before moving halfway across the world to study. I haven't spoke to her since."


Listen to '24 Hours' HERE

Instagram: @ky.songs


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