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L DRAMA | Doubted

London born, Brighton based R&B / Pop singer L DRAMA has released his single 'Doubted', an emotional journey telling the story of fighting doubts, critics and depression.


The vocal on 'Doubted' is totally captivating, full of heart, feeling and soul - the rapping is equally immense. The track is just superb, innovative and skillful, not to mention the emotion that oozes from every part. The strings are live and bring out this further.

L DRAMA says,

"It's an emotional, empowering song that demands respect from those who look down anyone chasing their dreams. Using UK rap and melancholic melodies, I deliver storytelling in a way that makes the listener feel empowered. The chanting of 'soldier' and 'climbing' is booming as if an army were marching and the honest vocals show an important story needs to be heard."

L DRAMA has previously gained traction after appearing on BBC Introducing and hitting over a quarter of a million streams on his ballad single and appearing on The Voice UK in 2018.


Listen to 'Doubted' HERE Instagram: @theboyisdrama


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