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18-year old newcomer Ladybyrd has released her debut single, 'Too Close To Call'.


The young talent has spent most of her youth living a relatively sheltered existence. While the life experiences she draws upon in her songs are largely based upon classical coming-of-age emotions - relationships, desire, longing and regrets - a bigger influence is her fascination with literature and film. Those characters have lived lives far richer and complex than she is, which infuses her song writing with a grander dramatic scale to boost her teenage tumultuousness. Those elements are all evident in the track.

A single play of ‘Too Close To Call’ shows that Ladybyrd possesses both the song-craft and the ability to hone in on a specific emotion - two traits that are particularly rare from an artist of her age. At once both surprisingly mature but also with a wide-eyed innocence, much like the contrast of its story, Ladybyrd’s moody, melancholy alt-pop has an immediate infinity with her key influences such as Phoebe Bridgers, Maisie Peters and Gracie Abrams.

Ladybyrd says,

“‘Too Close To Call’ is a fictional story of a secret relationship. It’s from the perspective of the girl, trying to come to terms with the impossibility of the situation. She is secretly wanting to leave as she knows it’s wrong and unrealistic, but she is still infatuated with the person. That said, I hope listeners will use their imagination to find their own special interpretation.”

Labybyrd wrote ‘Too Close To Call’ with Adrian Zagoritis and Torsten Stenzel, both multi platinum and gold award winning writer/producers. Having recently moved to London to seek a career as an artist, Ladybyrd is sure to experience an abundance of new adventures that will naturally feed into her writing. Already blessed with the ability to connect with an audience who themselves are going through similar landmark moments in life, we’re sure to see her diary entry lyricism build nuance and complexity as she discovers more about herself.

'Too Close To Call' is out now. Listen HERE @ladybyrd.x


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