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Multi-faceted Minneapolis indie-pop artist Landon Conrath has shared the moody new single 'Science Fiction', taken from his forthcoming debut album, 'Nothing Matters Anyway'.


With dark descending guitar lines, fuzzy tones, and angsty vocals, Landon opens up about his anxieties and insecurities in a powerful way.

Conrath says about the song,

"I think this is my favourite song I’ve ever written, and it’s about the worst thing in my life. I wrote this song about depression, which was something I never thought I struggled with until this last year of my life. The line ‘my chemistry owns me’ was really the one that stuck with me the most. I felt like my brain ruled my life in a way that I didn’t agree with. In the chorus when it says, ‘slam the door or tell me that it’s science fiction,’ I basically just wanted people to leave me alone before admitting that my depression was real."

Landon has cemented himself as a leading voice in the Minneapolis indie music scene working with fellow Minnesota artists like Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus and most recently touring as the music/production director for fellow Minnesota indie-pop artist Ber.

Since making his debut in 2020, Landon Conrath's distinctive brand of hook-laden indie-pop has seen him become a viral sensation on Spotify, landing on influential playlists virtually overnight. His authentic, off-the-cuff style has resonated with listeners worldwide, amassing millions of streams.

Now Landon returns with his debut full-length 'Nothing Matters Anyway', out September 9th via Nettwerk, an 8-song expression of the growing pains of youth and all the pitfalls that come with it. We find Landon taking a more mature and nuanced approach while still delivering his signature break-neck choruses and angsty energy. Throughout the album, Landon juxtaposes his cathartic lyricism with uplifting melodies, showing listeners that there's always a way to heal.

'Science Fiction' is out now. Listen HERE @landon.conrath


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