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Montreal singer-songwriter Laraw returns with new single 'Scissors', alongside a music video for the track directed by Gerado Alcaine and co-directed by Laraw herself.


Chronicling the highs and lows of romance and breakups, the irresistible, emotionally driven indie-pop track is filled with melancholy and angst whilst the catchy melody and unforgettable chorus make 'Scissors' this summer's quintessential heartbreak anthem.

In keeping with the Laraw's personal and raw production, the 'Scissors' lyrics narrate the angsty effects of a heartbreak, complemented by her stunning vocals.

She says,

“'Scissors' is about the grief of having a loved one completely destroy you, knowing they will and just letting it happen. 'Scissors' is for sure the most important song I’ve ever written and marked a new chapter of my life. I got to actually meet myself, grow, and learn that the first person you should always love is yourself.”

Laraw (Lara Rawadi) is a pop music anomaly. Hailing from Lebanese and Moroccan roots, Laraw can speak and sing in French, English and Arabic. With so many ways to express herself, it’s no wonder music comes naturally and has proven to be the perfect cathartic vehicle. Laraw’s sound draws inspiration from her years studying music production and sound design, and her interest in videos games. Her goal is to rage against all the outdated music industry standards of the past and create something that is authentic and doesn’t strive to be flawless, just honest.

'Scissors' is out now.


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