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Lauren Jauregui | Lento

RCA RECORDS UK artist Lauren Jauregui has released her first official single, signifying an exciting new chapter from the 23-year-old’s solo career.

Having spent most of 2019 in the studio, writing and recording new music, pop singer-songwriter is now ready to enter the new phase of her career with even more music coming soon and an album in the works. This next phase finds her fully expressing her creativity from writing songs to conceptualizing and editing her own music videos.

Outside of the studio, Lauren has spent much of her life engaging in political activism and using her wide-ranging social platform as a mouthpiece to share her views to over 14 million combined followers actively engaging across all social media platforms and truly understands the power of her platform and her voice as a young member of society, actively involved in protests, marching with students from Parkland, FL for gun reform or speaking on women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.

The new single, produced by two-time GRAMMY Award winning Tainy, who is also on the track and in the video, ‘Lento’ embraces Lauren’s Cuban American heritage, incorporating both native languages.

She says:

“I had planned to give you this first taste of what’s coming for some time. There was truly no way any of us could have prepared for what is happening right now, so I hope you receive ‘Lento’ with as much grace and love as is intended. I hope dancing to it helps your spirit feel joy, as you spend time with your loved ones and continue to cultivate love in the face of fear and uncertainty.”

The music video, shot in Florida and directed by New York City based director and photographer Dawit N.M premiered on Youtube.

More news and music from Lauren coming soon!


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